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    “Lei ti farà compagnia nelle tue passeggiate fuori dal tempo, nei tuoi viaggi in mondi lontani, lei sarà sempre con te. Per una donna che come te, non ha mai dimenticato cosa vuol dire ridere, anche quando qualcosa non va, a lei non importa, lei ci sarà.“

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    I prodotti e i contenuti che hanno lo spirito, l'energia e la forza di ricordare e soprattutto di attestare, la qualità della produzione italiana. 

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What is MadeOfIt?

Made of it aims to aggregate a series of high quality made in Italy products with an appropriate price (it does not mean low) and to promote their marketing on international markets. The long-term objective is to create an exclusive Market Place, positioned on international markets, dedicated to Italian products that are recognized in a precise Business Concept. The business concept is the expression of the history that Made Of It wants to tell, a story that can intrigue and fascinate the international markets, more and more looking for real and authentic products. The name, not by chance, tends to complete its meaning: it means "DID OF ITALY", given that the subjects of this story will be nothing but products and contents that have the spirit, the energy and the strength to remember and above all to attest , the quality of Italian production. Made of it tells the story and you put quality and products on it.