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Melt the metal, cut the glass, break the stone, knead the mortar, spread the color. My work as an artisan and an artist is incarnated in this.
"Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" (Thomas Merton)
In the metal that melts under my hands, it loses its shape, cools itself into new forms, reveals a part of me every time! I cut, I break the glass and looking at its shape and its color appears to me its new identity that emerges from my imagination. In this flow I unite metal, glass, wood, plasters, mirrors, stones ... ..sciolgo, balance, dough, cut, stretch, those .... I see color, light, transparency, horizons. Listening to air, wind, water. The spiral of the change of nature passes through me and still a snapshot, the cut on a glass, the balance in a jewel, the "perform" to a body, the mixture on the wood, I make a mosaic. In this "Holy space" "Sacred Space" I immerse myself, I abandon myself, I lose myself, immediately ready to find myself different.
Paolacreart creates "exclusive sculptural creations in Tiffany technique" since 2006. Jewels - Pendants and chokers, brooches, rings, bracelets, earrings. Jewels created on the dress, flexible jewelry to wear in more ways. Sculptural clothing, shawls and scarves with metallic inlays. Various accessories, buckles, clasps, pins, buttons, for tailoring, for bags, for belts, hairstyles, wedding dresses. MATERIALS: Lamps, mirrors, stained glass, decorative objects and decorative items MATERIALS: Copper wire, copper in treated sheet, tin and silver soldering, patinating, finishing and polishing treatments, brushing. Transparent glass, cathedral, opalescent, semi-opalescent, natural stones, mirrors, Venetian glazes, and anything else in nature!
It also produces glass and mirrored panels on a wooden base for custom-made furniture. Outdoor mosaics in palladiana, stone, glass and mirror. Small tessellated mosaics. Painting on wood, on paper, watercolor. Print, etching, aquatint. Decoration on porcelain and hot and cold ceramics. Decoration on cold glass, with Byzantine technique with application of gold leaf. Creation of exclusive creations customizable on request.






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